High School Romance Lives

My favorite 17-year-old, Chelsea, was on the receiving end of a very romantic gesture last night. According to her parents, who sent me the photo, “a boy with the initials A.D. used the backstop to ask Chelsea to the prom.”

Chelsea is a first class athlete at Cienega High School. She was captain of the soccer team and now is once again a star on the varsity softball team. At last night’s game, Mr. A.D. used 200 red plastic drinking cups to make his offer. And by the way, it was a foul ball that knocked off part of the A in his red cup artwork.

Her parents thought the whole thing was very “sweet” and obviously wanted to share the event since they sent the photo. However, they left out what I considered to be a very important detail.

Did she say “yes?”

I sent Chelsea a text to find out. She replied immediately, as she always does. “LOL, of course I did! I’m not that mean.” Apparently he’s on the swim team, and in some of her classes. She also said he was cute.

Well, he sure had a cute way of asking her to this momentous event. I hope the actual date is as good.

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