Does My Brother Look Like Stephen Colbert?

Yesterday I sent a couple photos to my Michigan sister, Debra. They were jpegs of our brother, Tommy, and sister, Mary Beth, during a recent visit. 

It must be said that I can count the number of emails I’ve received from Debra over our lifetime on one hand. A brilliant physician, she’s also a classic luddite. Computers just aren’t her thing. It’s amazing she wrote me back to me to thank me for the photos.

She also told me that our brother is often mistaken for the television personality, Stephen Colbert. People have even stopped him and asked for his autograph.  This photo of Tommy on his hot, new motorcycle, the one I sent to Debra, illustrates her point. Until I looked at it again, I hadn’t made the connection. But golly, I think she’s right.
What do you think?

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