The Oro Valley Book Club: A Class Act

Last week I had the pleasure of being a guest of the “Book Group Ladies” of Oro Valley, AZ. They chose It’s Not Your Mother’s Bridge Club as their monthly selection after seeing a review in the Arizona Daily Star. Since this book club is also a bunko group, how could they resist?

It was an hour drive to get there and I was happy to arrive and find out they actually liked the book. I had a feeling they wouldn’t have asked me to come if they hated it, right? I was also pleased to meet a woman in the group who went to the same elementary and high schools as I back in the Chicago-area. We were about five years apart, so we didn’t attend the schools at the same time; however, we had a lot of fun talking about who we had in common. I thought it was extra fun to have recognized all the names in her mother’s bridge club!

The discussion was stimulating and thought-provoking and they spoke about the characters like they knew them. Their questions were insightful and intelligent. It was everything a good book group discussion should be. Their bonus was, however, getting some of the inside scoop about my writing process, and I was delighted to share this information.

Perhaps the funniest thing one of the women said was that her husband rarely if ever pays attention to the books she reads. “But he noticed this one,” she said. “It’s that book with the big fake boobs on the cover.”

Uh, yes. About those boobs. I let them go on for a bit and got the impression they all agreed they were fake. Eventually, I chimed in and delivered the old Seinfeld line: “They’re real and they’re spectacular.” 
I like when this topic comes up because it gives me the opportunity to talk about the fundraising we’re doing for Breast Cancer Research. Because of all the comments on the big boobs on this book cover, and because there are eight women in the story (and one of eight women is diagnosed with breast cancer) I have been donating profits from book sales to various Breast Cancer Research organizations, including Bunko for Breast Cancer.

And now the Oro Valley Group has joined this cause. Today I received a lovely note from the ladies of the club:

Dear Michele,
On behalf of the Oro Valley Book Group you visited May 7, we would love to make a donation to Breast Cancer Research or another charity of your choosing. Thank you so much it was a real treat to meet you and we all loved the discussion. Thanks so much for your time.

All the best,
Paige Coghall and “the Book Group Ladies”

Included was a generous check, which I will promptly relay to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Bunco For Breast Cancer Bunco group, Tempe, AZ.

Thank you, ladies. Attending your meeting was my pleasure and your donation is truly appreciated. You’re a class act.

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