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Albert Lea, MN > Douglas, NE
We can’t say we weren’t warned about the wind… but Da-yum! Mike the driver had a white-knuckle kind of day as the crosswinds on Hwy 80 jostled us like a roller coaster cart. Perpendicular wind socks, tattered TRUMP 2020 flags, and tumbleweeds lined and crossed our path through the heartland of our country. It was an unseasonable 80-degrees.

Our destination, Douglas, Nebraska, is located just outside of Lincoln. It was our first experience using Harvest Hosts. HH is a RV membership program I purchased for us as a Christmas gift in anticipation of this trip. It’s a network of some 1600 farms, golf courses, wineries and other attractions that offer free RV parking for the night with the caveat of making a purchase at the business. When looking for a host near Lincoln I focused on attractions, and Anne Dovel’s Prairie Woman Arts jumped off the computer screen. Why? Well, to know me is to know my fondness for quilts and Anne has a quilting studio that delighted every fiber of my being.

She had several projects underway, including a purple-and-white pieced and cross-stitched restoration stretched out on her giant quilting machine and a quilt-block-of-the-month topper on the wall, which looked as much like an art installation/exhibit as it did an actual work in progress. Anne also works with rope and has some beautiful bowls. Unfortunately, she and her husband of 35 years, Dave, are currently in renovation and repair mode and didn’t have anything in stock to sell. But when she does, I’m certainly going to attempt to get me a fiber souvenir.

Many thanks to Anne and Dave for their warm hospitality.

We’re on the road again (apologies if that’s another ear worm) and while the temperature has dropped about 40-degrees, wind is still an issue. Springtime cornfields are the color of wheat and the sky has almost no color at all. As we try to stay between the white lines of the freeway (another ear worm?) I wonder, do all RVers notice and remark on all the other RVs on the road?

420 miles to go today. Boulder or bust!


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