New Novel Launching Soon: Irish Twins

It was President’s weekend–better known as Rodeo Weekend in Tucson–when my family went on a ski trip and afforded me the uninterrupted time to finish writing my latest novel, Irish Twins. People often ask how long it takes to write a novel, and it’s a difficult question to answer.

If I counted all the time spent thinking about these characters in addition to actually writing about them, the answer would be “years.” The truth is, I don’t know how long it took to turn the tea party in my head into the pages of a book.
But for the sake of answer, let’s say it was a two-year process.
Yesterday I received a note from McKenna Publishing Group that another of its books is launching soon, and because of its possibly controversial political subject matter, they’re expecting a lot of media attention. The hope is that the rest of the late-summer, early-fall releases will be able to piggyback on the publicity.
I hope so too. Even though I haven’t read this book (Liberty Rising) and I suspect it has a strong partisan political flavor, which isn’t my cup of tea, I do support the authors of McKenna. Many of us involved with the world of book publishing who’ve had the good fortune to find someone willing to turn our written words into published products with ISBN numbers and listings, know that writing the stories–no matter how long it takes us–is far easier than selling them.
Meanwhile, I will do my best to go from “writer” to “author” and publicize my new novel Irish Twins: A Story about Life and Death, Sisterhood and Forgiveness. I’ll begin here by sharing the cover, sent to me by McKenna Publishing Group’s fine graphic designer, Leslie Parker. Stay tuned for the release date and by all means, tell your friends.
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