Jessica Gall: Little Big Soul

I’m happy to report there are several new, BEAUTIFUL songs on my iPod from Jessica Gall’s new CD, Little Big Soul. There’s an overall, jazzy upbeat rhythm to many, a deep, tonal quality to all, and two I simply can’t get out of my head!

Without question, my favorite song is track 4: “Beautiful Girls.”

“When we were little girls,

Happy and small,

We’d always catch each other,

Long before we’d fall . . .”

This song, for me, brought up images both of my younger sister in a day gone by, and it also made me nostalgic for the very brief period when my own daughters were “little girls.” I love everything about this song: the words, the music and especially Jessica’s soulful voice.

For the lyricist, Robin Meloy Goldsby, who is also a talented musician and author, “Beautiful Girls” inspired an artistic tribute to her beautiful daughter, Julia. She has given me permission to share it with you here:


My other favorite is the light-hearted “Saturday Night.” It’s a fun, snappy anthem for working moms designed to help us get through the day, and with a reminder that there’s still life ahead . . . on Saturday Night!

Very well done and I highly recommend for your listening pleasure.

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