When Your Sister Hates Your Photo

For months I believed—and more importantly—my husband believed my Facebook profile photo was a good one. After all, he’s the one who snapped it.

We were on the deck of our oceanfront room at the Some Like It Hot Hotel in Coronado, California, while celebrating our wedding anniversary. Apparently he thought I looked nice enough to photograph.
Last night, however, I found out that my sister thinks it’s a horrible photo.
“Why would you use that photo?” she asked. “It’ not a photo of my pretty sister.” These were her kindest comments.

I think it’s a good photo. And yet, my sister Gayle (and apparently our other sister, Mary Beth, with whom she discussed it) thinks it looks nothing like me. Huh? I swear, it’s most definitely my FACE in that photo.
Maybe they didn’t recognize the me I am when I actually get four days off to spend alone with my husband. Or me with my hair down, a little bit of make-up and nice clothes. Me . . . actually happy?
Perhaps my sisters can’t help but still think of the kid with the face full of freckles and the mouth full of braces they once knew. 
It’s amazing how thirty-something years can change a girl.

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