The Beyotch at Sandy Point Resort

What a nightmare. I have been the crabbiest beyotch on the planet for the past six weeks due to the Internet project put before me at a time of year when I hardly have time to go to the bathroom without interruption.

The problem: Our original webmaster, who could never get the shopping cart to function on our online store, gave up. Yes, he threw up his hands, pushed aside the keyboard and said, “I quit.” He doesn’t feel good about it and has offered to make some kind of restitution; however, this cost us A LOT of money and even more time photographing and uploading products to said site. 

So, we hired a new guy, who promised us a working site in 12 days. He agreed to match the cost of the original but failed to mention we’d have to duplicate the number of hours (and we’re talking hundreds of hours) to upload the some 200 products we had in the store.

After 12 days, we weren’t even close to having a working site. Every day there was a new glitch, snafu or problem. The misspellings and grammar errors alone made the editor in me ROAR (and I’ve never been much of a copy editor). I lost count after day 45 of correspondence that usually began with a morning email from me asking: “When is our site going live?”
That was at least a week ago.
Well, it looks like we finally have an operating online store. I can’t be sure because we haven’t had any REAL customers yet, and I suppose that means I’m going to be spending whatever minutes of time I can find during the remainder of the season to promote this thing . . . hence this blog.

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