It’s Not Your Mother’s Bridge Club

It’s Not Your Mother’s Bridge Club

By Michele VanOrt Cozzens


From Midwest Book Review: FIVE STARS

“A fantastic piece of writing, recommended.”

From Author Robin Meloy Goldsby: FIVE STARS
“I think Cozzens has herself one heck of a screenplay here. She would have actresses lined up to play all of those wonderful roles. Think of it this way: THE WOMEN meets DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. But with a Rattlesnake Valley twist.

From Armchair Interviews: FIVE STARS 
“Cozzens has put together a fun novel. Yet it isn’t simply humor. There are real problems discussed and dealt with-particularly alcoholism, but also infertility, job loss and personal insecurity. She deals with the problems in a manner that feels quite realistic, like these women could be anyone’s neighbors.”

From Reader Views: FIVE STARS
It’s Not Your Mother’s Bridge Club is tons of fun, although at times bittersweet, and I would recommend it to all of the female readers, especially those who have a number of colorful friends. As for husbands, they might want to pick up a copy as well – and they just might learn what their wives do on girls’ nights out…”

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