In Search of an Empty Calendar Square

No one in this family can complain that life is boring. On the days where I don’t want to get up and face another day filled with calendar notations about places to be and things to do, I tell myself it’s just a phase. Because of our kids’ ages, and because they’re healthy and active, (and because neither has a driver’s license) we’re at a point in our life where we’re just too flippin’ busy.

And we’re almost at the point where we’re going in five different directions:

1. Dad’s going to work in his office.

2. Mom’s going to work in her office.

3. High Schooler is either going to a sporting activity or a group date.

4. Middle Schooler has a sporting activity and Facebook.

5. Little Dog (appropriately named #5 or “Cinco”) has the backyard. She’s out there yapping right now because a bird has had the nerve to perch on a tree in her territory.

Happily there are still things we do as a family. And on this beautiful Sunday morning on the first day of Spring, praise the Lord, the thing we’re all doing is SLEEPING IN. We’ll get to volleyball practice, homework and the exciting fieldtrip to CIMI (Catalina Island Marine Institute) by the end of the day.

And tomorrow we’ll face another calendar square filled with appointments and obligations. We’ll see it fly by and wonder where all the time went.

I wonder, does anyone know what phase it is in life when things slow down? Please free to comment. I would like to hear from you.

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