I Have a Crush on my UPS Man

And I’ve just admitted it. Not only in the headline of this blog, but also to his face.

Does anyone share a similar experience? Have you had the same UPS deliveryman for 17 years? Have you had a guy drive a big, brown truck down your quarter-mile-long driveway on a regular basis, who on some days is your only visitor? Has he seen you through two pregnancies? Has he helped you fix your lawn mower? Have you bet on him to win the annual “who-can-wear-shorts-the-longest-into the-the winter” contest? Has he read every book you’ve ever written and told you about the campfire discussion that ensued about your characters while on his Canadian vacation?

My UPS driver’s name is Robin. And Robin he most certainly is. He may not be the caped-crusader; but he may as well be the Batman of the delivery world. He’s certainly my deliveryman hero. Rhinelander Robin is the skinny-legged, shorts-wearing Brown deliveryman who is so pleasant, he MAKES me want to order things from Internet websites and more civilized places than the Northwoods, just to have them delivered.


I encountered Robin today for the first time this season when I happened into the kitchen after being hauled up in my office for two hours. I was taking advantage of generator power to do my paperwork, a daily necessity to run our resort business. This afternoon, one of exaggeratedly high winds, we’ve experienced a lengthy power-outage on property.  The power is still out, and we’re not sure why other than suspecting the wind and the ominous smell of smoke wafting into our windows from the other side of the lake.  Because of the noise of the generator, I didn’t hear the brown truck pull up.

Usually I sense the diesel-fueled wheels like Radar from M*A*S*H sensing choppers. Not this afternoon. I had gone downstairs to get something to drink and before opening the fridge, heard a yell. Given we have no guests in the cabins and only a handful of disc golfers on the course, the yell wasn’t very alarming. But nonetheless, I looked out the kitchen window and saw him.

Glancing to the right of our yard, sure enough, there was the big brown truck. “Robin!” I squealed. I ran to and opened the front door without checking my hair or my teeth—and soon realized I was wearing my schoolmarm glasses. And there he was wearing shorts and a smile. “Hi!” I said with all the fanfare of greeting an American Idol.

His smile was that of a teenager instead of a middle-aged man. “You’re here,” he said. He gave me the once over and flashed an approving grin. “I’ve been walking all around because I need a signature for this package.”  He nodded to my right.

The delivery was stored on the table sitting on our front porch. It was the box of jewelry I had just packaged and shipped from Tucson, and tried to insure for ten grand, but didn’t because it was too expensive. Briefly examining at the well-taped box, I was happy to see it in excellent condition—definitely worth the $160 gamble I didn’t spend to add extra insurance.

As I sighed with relief, Robin took a second to look me up and down again. “Did you just get back?”

“A day or so,” I replied, camouflaging my blush. “I didn’t hear your truck because the generator’s on. We’ve had no power for a while. . . .” I shifted my weight . . . “Hi, Robin. Gosh, it’s good to see you.”

“You too!” he said. And then he hugged me, pulled back and looked me up and down for a third time. “You don’t age a bit, do you?”

From a man who’s known me for 17 years and seen me through two pregnancies, I KNEW that was a compliment. So I paid him one back.

“Oh Robin,” I said, “Am I the only girl in Wisconsin who has a crush on her UPS man?”

With that comment, he handed me the electronic clipboard and requested my signature. “Welcome back,” he said.

Then his skinny, shorts-wearing bottom bounded back to his vehicle and the rumble of a diesel-fueled engine filled our driveway. Hence, Robin and his big brown trunk ambled down Sandy Point Lane.  For tonight.

Holy deliveryman, I know he’ll be back tomorrow.

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  1. I've got a crush on my UPS man….Read my story…Would love to hear responses: A UPS man has been coming into my office now for as long as I've worked for the company approx 13 months. Since the first time I met him I was attracted to him… Never thought anything of it. I was really into my new job which is very intense… Once I became acclimated to my job, more comfortable at work, I realized how much I really was attracted to this guy….Nine months into my job, probably like May of this year…Eye contact flirting/ exchanging without a doubt began.
    August of this year after just saying casual hi when he stopped in to deliver a package he said I looked stressed….small talk about being busy, I took a big breath, we made the eye contact thing and he said how about a hug? I said sure…I really didn’t think much of it. I thought it was kinda off the cuff…..but since then, I’ve been noticing his body language and his passing through our building and ultimately passing my desk without any reason to be in our building at all…while walking through the buiding he just blurts out “just passing through” with the whole eye contact thing.
    About October, just last month, I begun to feel a little more of a connection going on…some slight nervousness between the two of us…..Still the beginning of October time frame, after brief friendly "how was your weekend conversation" or small talk, we'll pause from talking and he asked "can I have a hug" and I did. This was the first time in months that he asked for this 2nd hug….just out of the blue.. .friendly off the cuff kinda way… again I thought. November alone, 4 hugs….tight ones… after completing two of these 4 hugs he kissed the side of the head through my hair…HE’S MARRIED AND WEARS A RING…WHATS GOING ON . I’m smart, intelligent 47….but….I WANT TO KISS HIM SO BAD IT HURTS…
    Things I left out: Told me the hour he takes lunch and where he goes for lunch, beeps when he passes my job, he blurted out recently his birthday was ?????….I’ve never asked for any of this information…
    This attraction I have is totally unexpected/I wasn’t looking…Him too?…I don’t’ know….
    …The other day I grabbed his hand while he spoke to me… explaining something to me….he reciprocated the hold with a nice “we are holding hands kinda grip” and it showed in his eyes and mine that we realized what we were doing….This is such a great story and I have such a great feeling inside me….If minimally we don’t wind up in each other’s arms for at least one evening of total romance, I will treasure these great memories of my feelings the rest of my life….
    One last thing…For his birthday, which I did not see him for until the next day…I had in my desk, Dates (the fruit) and Chocolate Kisses…After small chit chat recently , I said “I missed you for your birthday and wanted to have a date with you and give you some kisses”. …..As I was saying this I was looking at him while I pulled the Dates and kisses out of my drawer and presented the Dates and Kisses…Big smiles were exchanged…slight nervousness….then I gave him two birthday cards that I found with lines in them about HUGS….No over tones of anything more than friends……What to you all think of this…. Just this past week, another unbelievable tight hug…Can’t wait to hear back….

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