Hello From the White House

Willow has been good about keeping in touch, although her texts are brief and to the point. Yesterday she ran into two friends from her soccer team at Arlington National Cemetery. It was a nice taste of the “small world” scenario we all experience from time to time when traveling. I’m so glad she’s sharing her trip with us. It’s hard having her away.

May 3, 4:12 p.m.:
I got my luggage but it rained like crazy at Busch Gardens so everyone is soaking wet. It was so much super fun tho.
May 3, 4:16 p.m.:
They won’t let us change and it’s a 3 hour bus ride to DC
May 4, 2:28 p.m.:
OMG I just ran into Ariella and Amber at Arlington!
May 4, 2:33 p.m.:
I gave them both a big hug
May 4, 2:39 p.m.:
It’s pretty cold but I’m okay.

“Me and Luke right now.”

May 5, 10:26 a.m., “I just got out of the Holocaust Museum.”
 “Hello from the White House.”

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