Get in the Groove

The UPS man has made a few trips down our driveway this week, and Mike’s as excited as a kid awaiting The Wells Fargo Wagon. THE GROOVES ARE HERE! THE GROOVES ARE HERE!

My husband, a bona fide golf disc expert, says the Groove Driver is the hottest new disc on the market. Manufactured by Innova-Champion Discs, it’s the second SPEED 13 DRIVER “featuring an innovative groove on the underside of the rim.” (The first was the Monarch, a hot seller last summer). It’s especially good for beginners or those with slower arm speeds, and comes in lighter weights, from 165 to 175 grams.

Check out his ebay listings, featuring a variety of colors and weights in champion plastic, and get ‘em while they’re hot. Better yet, get ‘em while they’re Groovy!

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