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My Week With Willow

We had the house to ourselves for a spell last evening. It was after track practice. The homework was complete and it was one of the two weeknights per week that didn’t involve soccer. We had an unusually early dinner because Camille had volleyball practice. Dad was, of course, in his man cave working his 24-7 Internet business. So, it was just Willow and me. “Want to watch the Marilyn Monroe movie with me?” I asked. To my delight, she agreed. I admit I was a little surprised. Throughout the week it was apparent that I wasn’t my daughter’s favorite person with ...

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The Author is Asked: Who is Your Favorite Character in One of Your Novels?

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="241" caption="Michele displays a Christmas gift from her daughters, Willow and Camille."][/caption] Michele Cozzens: My favorite character is Anne Shields from the novel Irish Twins—although I must pause and reflect on whether or not I can claim full responsibility for “creating” her. Anne, an 80-year-old woman who dies while water-skiing and then narrates this family saga from the afterlife, has a rather provocative opening line: “I have a little God in me,” she claims. Granted, I created that line for her—and no matter how many workshop critics didn’t approve of it—I kept it for good reasons. There were powerful ...

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Book Group Discussion Questions: Irish Twins

Irish Twins 1. The term Irish Twins, describing two children born to the same mother within a twelve-month period, dates back to the 1840s when massive numbers of Irish people came to the United States. Discuss the Irish Potato Famine, what it was, what caused it and the effect it had on the Irish population. How were the Irish treated in America and what other derogatory terms arose during this period of time? 2. There are two sets of Irish Twins in this story. Anne and Molly and Caylie and Jenny. Discuss how ...

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