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Karma is a Beyotch?

Someone got the memo yesterday. The problem is HE didn't understand it. Ugh! It’s not bad enough I must deal with high school bullies? Do I really also have to deal with a 40-something year-old man who hasn’t progressed beyond a Sabino High School mentality? When I received a message regarding a non-friend’s (aka STALKER’s) Facebook post reaction to my blog about bullying, at first I scratched my head and felt my heartbeat race a little.  But that reaction was short-lived once I read his words because it was quite obvious that he was attacking both me AND my children with the ...

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Bullies BEWARE

This is BE KIND week at Sabino High School. Given my daughter has come home in tears two days in a row so far this week, I don’t think it’s working. Apparently someone didn’t get the memo. I’m fairly certain I don’t have the full story, but I’ve heard enough consistent accounts of what happened yesterday (and have seen/read the evidence) to feel confident in alleging that my daughter was a victim of cyber-bullying. Someone tweeted an incriminating accusation about her, which was retweeted by several kids. Vehemently denying the accusation, she tried to find out why it was written and was ...

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When Did Prom Invites Get To Be Such Productions?

Yesterday I watched my child race into a massive headwind at the tail end of a 300 Hurdle race. She and the other racers appeared momentarily frozen in mid-air as they battled over the last three hurdles to the finish. After cheering her to a second place finish, a friend tapped me on the shoulder.  “I really enjoy how much you revel in your children,” she said.  Because of the wind I didn’t hear her properly. I heard the word “children,” and I thought I heard “rebel.”  I braced myself to learn what sort rebellious thing they had done.  She quickly repeated her ...

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