A Bad Hair Blast from the 1980s

All it takes is a brief look back to determine with absolute certainty that the 1980s were filled with a lot of big, bad hair.

I heard from an old friend today, someone I’d actually given up for dead until a surprise message turned up in my “in” box. Thank goodness for the Internet and a thing called Google. This woman, who actually served as a bridesmaid at our 1989 wedding, got in touch after Googling my name. I believe the search led her to my blog, which led her to my author website, email address and, to one of my books, The Things I Wish I’d Said. Given this book was, in part, a lot about my life shortly after I was married, she remembered a lot of it. I’m not sure whether or not she remembered why we fell out of touch, but truthfully, it’s not important. I am very happy to hear from her.

My longhaired bridesmaid included good news about her life and then, hit the old photo albums and made a few scans. “Here are some of the hundreds of pics I have from the times we shared,” she wrote. I couldn’t wait to see which ones she chose.

The first was of Mike and me as Phil Donahue and Oprah Winfrey on Halloween, circa 1987. I remember we had only one ‘Mr. Microphone,’ (that yellow thing in his pocket) and fought over it all night saying things like, “Caller, you’re on the air!” I also remember doing a pretty decent pass as an African-American person. That was until an actual African-American friend showed up at the party and told me that my “blue eyes would never allow me to pass as a sistah!” There was no question, though, that Mike was the spittin’ image of Mr. Donahue.

She also included a photo (at top) of what looked like a double date, with one of the guys who stood up for Mike at our wedding. Neither Mike nor I can remember if it was a set-up, but we know nothing ever brewed between the two of them. Perhaps it was because of the cigar in her hand???

There were others, but I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the picture at left, of three girls in their late 20s at a San Francisco comedy club. I’ve known the blonde woman since elementary school and she currently lives in Tucson, not too far from us. Her son and my daughter correspond more than we do, but we get together when we can. She’s one of those people that no matter how much time elapses, we can pretty much pick up where we left off.

I’m not sure the same can be said for my bridesmaid. It’s been close to 20 years since I’ve heard from her. But for a moment today, this blast from the 1980s reminded me of a very carefree and fun time in my life. I’m grateful for the memories.

And I absolutely do NOT miss the hair. Thank you Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusan.

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  1. Hi Michele – I just checked in to your blog and was so surprised to read this! In light of how much you enjoyed these pics wait until you see what I send next. . .
    Oh! and the picture of the four of us was taken at the Hyat when you and I met Mike and Pete for cocktails. If I remember correctly that photo was taken after we paid our bill (with cash) and someone from the establishment tracked us down in the hotel and accused us of not paying our bill. Remember how we went back in and I demanded to speak to the manager and asked him if we had meant to drink and dash why would we be meandering at a leisurly pace through the hotel? We explained that we had paid with cash and that someone must have pocketed it. After that he apologized profusely to us and offered to buy us drinks on the house – he was the one who supplied the cigars. I'll be in touch. P.S. thanks for the triangle information, a useful tool that I will integrate into my daughters life! Bye for now – Suuuuuuuuusan

  2. Wow Susan, and I thought Ihad a good memory. I forgot all about that; however, your vivid recollection brought it all back. (P.S. I don't know when you published this comment. I didn't get an notification. Just happened to find it). Cheers, M

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