So, Do You Think They’ll Let Us See It?

The front page of this morning’s Arizona Daily Star has a headline reading, “Obama school speech apolitical, text shows.” I read the brief article to my daughter, which is essentially a review of the President’s address to school children slated for 9:00am this morning.

The White House published a transcript of the speech with the intent (and hope) of neutralizing critics fearing his attempt to indoctrinate our children with his political agenda. The transcript confirms that Obama “will do what American Presidents have done before—urge students to work hard, stay in school and follow their dreams.”

After hearing the article, my 12-year old innocently asked, “So, do you think they’ll let us see it?”

I’m afraid not. And if her teachers don’t even discuss it—if it’s NOT a part of their curriculum—than it will be another missed opportunity.

I’m going to hope for the best, and out of respect, give them a chance to do their jobs the best way they see fit. Meanwhile, I think we, as American citizens, should have as much respect for our elected President.

Let him do his job.

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