Award-winning author
Michele VanOrt Cozzens

Set aside her journalism career in 1993 and now resides in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. In the Northwoods she and her husband own and operate Sandy Point Resort and Disc Golf Ranch. She is the author of six published books and the blog, "Michelaneous."


Latest release: How to Achieve Your Dream Life: Start-up Advice from a Successful Innkeeper. Available in Paperback and Kindle.

Praise for Irish Twins

From Midwest Book Review: “Irish Twins is a moving read that emphasizes the importance of sisterhood. Very highly recommended.”

From the AZ Daily Star:

“Journalist Cozzens has the subject matter and the skills to write a good generational novel of Catholic family life in the latter half of the 20th century in the United States.”

Irish Twins is now available on Kindle!

McKenna Publishing Group is pleased to announce the publication of Michele’s fifth book and third novel, Irish Twins. It’s a story about life and death, sisterhood and forgiveness. Writing it was an emotional journey, and Michele chose to tell the story of two sets of Irish Twins, Anne and Molly, and Jenny and Caylie, from the perspective of a fictionalized version of her deceased mother. “It was like having my mother with me, guiding me through the process. I heard her voice in my head as I wrote the story,” said Michele. Reviews have been excellent and it is available at Signed copies may be purchased from the author.


Unique plot! Heart-warming, believable characters! Enchanted writing! I love, love, love this book!

REVIEW OF IRISH TWINS By: Betty Dravis This is one of the best books I’ve read in ages. I liked everything about it; from the …

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The Things They Leave Behind

Stray socks. Bathing suit pieces. Cell phone chargers. Dirty Towels. Balled-up T-shirts. Stuffed animals. Pacifiers. iPods. Beach shoes. Sunglasses. If I had to name the …

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Some Days I Abhor Being a Mother

Today is one of them. The Beav and I covered about four-and-a-half miles this morning in triple digit temperatures and I swear, as much bile …

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Red Hot Chile Peppers

He used to bring me flowers. Now he brings me chile peppers. Harvest in Hatch, New Mexico coincides with my husband’s annual Northwoods-to-Desert journey, and …

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I admit I was pretty lenient on Friday afternoon when I let the girls have a boatload of friends over to party the way teenagers …

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The Perils of a Husbandless Housewife

TUESDAY: While driving the high school car pool on a morning with a full schedule and close to 200 miles on the day’s agenda—my front …

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Book Group Discussion Questions: Irish Twins

Irish Twins 1. The term Irish Twins, describing two children born to the same mother within a twelve-month period, dates back to the 1840s when …

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How Do You Women Do It?

Recently I sat in the airport at Minneapolis/St. Paul for three hours waiting for my connection. Luckily I had a book to read/edit to keep …

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Stories That Come From the Heart Are Always Special

Irish Twins Reviewed by Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson for Reader Views (09/10) I am not a twin, Irish or regular, I do not have children and as …

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First Time Novelist Has a Winner

The Bridge at Valentine by Renee Thompson My rating: 5 of 5 stars Romeo and Juliet in the Idaho Frontier This is the very well …

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Mommy! I’ve Been Dress Cut.

In September, 1967, my sister, Debra, walked through the doors of Riverside Brookfield High School for the first time. Having spent eight years in a …

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An Awakening Through a Journey into the Afterlife

By Joyce Laabs of The Lakeland Times Based on a bit of fact and much fiction, Irish Twins by Michele VanOrt Cozzens (McKenna Publishing Group), …

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